About Mediation

 Mediation is a process that helps people sort out the issues that often arise when a relationship breaks down. This might include the arrangements for children, dealing with financial issues, and also improving communication.

Many people prefer to negotiate their own arrangements with the assistance of a family mediator rather than putting their decisions in the hands of the courts. By making this choice, families are helped to communicate better and  minimise conflict, whilst ensuring that their future arrangements are tailor made to suit the needs of their own particular family

There are some key principles to mediation :

  • It is voluntary – it is up to you to decide whether you want to go ahead with mediation. Our Mediators can help you decide if Mediation is the right process for you.
  • It is impartial – the mediator will help you reach an solution that is acceptable to you  both and will not take sides. The mediator can give information, including legal information, to help you reach informed decisions, but cannot give legal advice.
  • It is confidential – the discussions that take place in mediation are private. This helps you to explore more openly all of the options that may be available to you before you make a decision as to the right way forward for you.
  • You make your own decisions and are in control of the outcome- the mediator will work with you to help you find acceptable and workable solutions that are tailor made to your family.   

It doesn't matter whether you have recently separated, or been separated or divorced for some time, whether you have been living together or married, or in a civil partnership, whether you are the biological parents, adopted parents or step-family or are an extended member of a family affected by separation or divorce such as a grandparent, anyone can mediate. If there are issues that need to be resolved, then mediation can help.

You can download our Client Information Booklet for more information.

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